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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does This Work?

Enter the size of the artwork in the box.  Select full inches and fractions (if needed) from the drop-down menus.  Then carry on through the succeeding steps, selecting the frame, mat, glazing and backing from the drop down menus. 

Artwork Size Entry Box










How Do I Figure Out My Overall Frame Size?

You don't have to.  Just enter the size of your artwork in the box.  We will cut a mat with a 2" border.  So the mat will increase the overall frame size by 4" on each dimension.


So What Size Will My Frame Be?

Basically, if you include a mat, your frame size will be 4" larger than your artwork size on each dimension.  For example, if your artwork is 16"x20" your frame size will be 20"x24"

If you don't include a mat, your frame size will be the same size as your artwork.


What If I Want a Bigger Frame?

You may notice that the calculator only accepts art up to 35 x 32 (resulting in a frame size of 39 x 36).  If you want to frame something larger, no problem.  All of our frames are available in sizes up to 60"x60" - just not via the custom framing section of our website.  To order largers frames navigate to the Picture Frames section of our site, specifically to the area entitled Picture Frames Cut to Size and Ready for Assembly.

You can also order custom cut mat board, foam board and acrylic separately by navigating to the Custom Cut Contents Page.  Please note, however, that the largest mat board, foam board or acrylic you can order is 32" x 40".


Do I Need Any Tools for This?

You will not need any tools to assemble wood frames.  To attach hanging hardware you will need a screwdriver.  Wire clippers may be needed to clip off excess hanging wire.  You should also use wood glue when assembling wood frames. 


Your frame will include an EZ-Finish Mounting Kit that provides you everything you need to mount the artwork, hold the contents in the frame, and hang it.   



Will My Frame Arrive Fully Assembled?

No.  Fully assembled frames, while convenient, are costly to ship and prone to damage in transit, leading to add-on charges for insurance and handling.  We ship sectional frames which are quick and easy to assemble and since they ship broken down cost less overall, making them less expensive to you.

How to Assemble Wood Sectional Frames



Is Everything Acid Free?

With our custom framing platform you have the choice of Standard Framing or Premium Framing.

Standard Framing consists of
• Regular Window Mat
• Regular or Non-Glare Acrylic
• Regular Foamboard

Select Standard Framing when the art is non-archival, easily reproduced and not intended for long term display.  Digital prints, posters, traditional photographic prints and other items you want to enjoy today and for the next 10-20 years.

Premium Framing consists of
• Conservation Grade Window Mat
• UV Protective Acrylic
• Acid Free Foamboard

 Select Premium Framing when the art is archival and of potential long term value.  Limited edition prints, original art, antique prints and other items that you intend to treasure for generations.



How Soon Will I Receive My Order?

Allow 7-10 days from the day of placement to receive all items.  



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