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On Sale Now!    45% OFF and Free Shipping!  

Logan Models 850-1 and 860-1
Platinum Edge Mat Cutters

All the mat cutter you could possibly want at a super low price

45% OFF Logan Platinum Edge Mat Cutters

Built entirely of aluminum for the ultimate in durability and precision,
the Platinum Edge utilizes ball bearings to provide smooth gliding
cutting heads and eliminate play due to wear. The micro-adjustable
magnetic stops provide extra precision in starting and stopping to insure
flawless corners, and the easy-lift bar reduces repetitive strain on the user.

Video   View the video on the Logan Platinum Edge Mat Cutters


article   See the article called "Exploring the Differences Between Mat Cutters"


  List Price   Now
40" Model C850
  $1,289.95   $739.95  &  Free Shipping  
60" Model C860
  $1,489.95   $859.95  &  Free Shipping



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On Sale Now!    25% OFF! 

Logan Pro Joiner, Model F300-2
Professional V-Nailing System for Joining Picture Frames

25% OFF Logan Pro Joiner - Model F300-2

Drives two V-nails simultaneously up from under, positioning each nail
precisely on the miter seam.  Features include:

Patented V-nail alignment pins
Drive 1 or 2 nails at a time
Adjustable nail spacing
Sliding nail loading mechanism
Quick adjust clamp
Drives all nail sizes
Penetrates hard woods or soft woods
Accomodates mouldings up to 2-1/2" wide
Adjustable driving arm


Suggested List Price        309.99
Regular Price                  269.95
On Sale Now                199.95


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On Sale Now!    You Save $300

Framing4Yourself Do-It-Yourself Framing Combo
All the essential tools, equipment and supplies to do your own picture framing

Do It Yourself Framing Combo

Package Includes:
Framing4Yourself Power Miter Saw and Fence Extension
Pro Joiner (V-Nail Underpinning Joiner)
Pro Sander
Fletcher FrameMaster Point Driver
Logan Simplex Elite Mat Cutter
Framing4Yourself ATG Tape and Applicator Gun
Dust Cover Trimmer and Dust Covers
Anti-Static Brush and Anti-Static Gloves
Much, much more

With This Package You Can:
  Cut, assemble and join picture frames
Cut bevelled window mats
  Trim mat board, foam board, acrylic and glass
  Mount a variety of artwork
  Attach a paper dust cover to the back of the frame
  Attach hanging hardware

FREE SHIPPING for a limited time
Limited time offer expires December 22nd, 2014


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On Sale Now!    30% OFF!

Framing4Yourself ATG Applicator Gun
Applies double-sided adhesive tape (ATG tape) quickly and cleanly

30% OFF ATG Gun

The quick, easy way to apply double-sided adhesive transfer tape
(ATG tape) for double matting, attachment of dust covers, or
mounting of photographs. New and improved.

Regular Price                  49.95
On Sale Now                 34.95


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On Sale Now!    45% OFF! 

Logan Compact Classic Mat Cutter 

Model 301-1

45% OFF Logan Compact Mat Cutter

A 32" professional quality bevel mat cutter with mat guide
measuring system and unlimited window cutting capacity.
Includes bevel cutting head, straight cutting knife and five blades.

 Video   View the video on Logan Compact Model 301-1 Classic Mat Cutter


  List Price   Now
32" Model 301-1 Compact             
  $139.95   $79.95  


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On Sale Now!    25% OFF!

Logan Dual Drive Point Driver
Penetrates hard wood or soft wood to hold contents in a frame

25% OFF Dual Drive Point Driver

The Dual Drive Elite fires either rigid or flexible points
into all types of wood moulding to hold the contents
in picture frames.  Fast and easy.

Regular Price                  59.95
On Sale Now                 44.95


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On Sale Now!    30% OFF!

The Logan Glass Cutter Elite
Quickly measure and cut glass using your mat cutter

30% OFF Logan Glass Cutter

Pull style glass cutter.  Amazingly easy to use. 
Score the glass once and bring it to the edge of
a table to snap it along the score.

Regular Price                  24.95
On Sale Now                 17.50


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On Sale Now!    25% OFF!

Pony 90-degree Angle Clamp
A great portable clamp for side nailing and V-nailing frames

25% OFF Pony 90-degree angle clamp

Oversize jaws provide 2-¾" material capacity for gluing or nailing. 
Clamp depth is 1-½".  Large back side opening for V-nailing.

Regular Price                  29.95
On Sale Now                 22.50


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New!  On Sale!  30% OFF!  Free Shipping!

Sample Chip Sets
The best way to decide.  Hold an actual piece of the moulding.

30% OFF and Free Shipping

Categorized sets of 1"-2" chips of mouldings.  Choose
from black, rustic, white and oak, with more to come
in the weeks ahead.  Save 30% when you purchase
chips in sets, and enjoy Free Shipping.


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Overstock!   50% Off!

Clearance - Picture Frame Mouldings
While Supplies Last

50% OFF Picture Frame Mouldings

A variety of picture frame mouldings in lengths available
only while supplies last.  You will be notified if we sell out
of a style before your order can be filled.


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 NEW!  On Sale Now! 

Complete Frame Making Systems
Two new packages for building your own picture frames

Frame Shop in a Box NEW AND ON SALE

Frame Shop in a Box Elite  
Package Includes:  Logan Pro Saw (manual saw) / Logan Pro Sander / Logan Studio Joiner / Logan Dual Drive Point Driver / Complete Guide to Home Picture Framing / 50 assorted V-nails / 100 assorted points.   MORE INFO
MSRP  $599.95  Our Price $525.00   Sale  $449.95
Premium Frame Making Package  $825.00
Package Includes:  Framing4Yourself Power Miter Saw with Measuring Fence / Logan Pro Sander / Logan Pro Joiner (underpinner) / Logan Dual Drive Point Driver / Band Clamp / Chartpak Frame Touch Up Inks / Titebond Wood Glue / The Home Book of Picture Framing / 50 assorted V-nails / 100 assorted points.   MORE INFO
MSRP  $1,000  Our Price $895.00   Sale  $775.00


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Enjoy Big Savings When You Buy in Bulk

Bulk Pricing on Mat Board & Foam Board
It pays to buy in bulk


bulk savings on mat board
Bainbridge Mat Board

1  32x40 sheet = $8.50
5  sheets of a color ($34.95) = $7.20 ea   Bulk savings
25 sheets of a color ($149.75) = $6.20 ea  Bulk savings 




Bulk savings on Foam BoardRegular Foam Board

1  32x40 sheet = $5.95
25 sheets ($104.95) = $4.60 ea  Bulk savings 

Acid Free Foam Board

1  32x40 sheet = $7.95 
25 sheets ($149.95) = $6.80 ea  Bulk savings