How to Assemble Floater Frames

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Floater FrameMost floater frames are too thin to be assembled with a slot and peg system.  Rather, they are assembled by gluing and clamping.

• Get a Glue and Clamp Frame Assembly Kit

• Get a band clamp by itself


Place the four frame sections on the work surface relative to each other for quick assembly.  Open your band clamp and create a loop large enough to surround the frame.  Place the corner brackets near where each joint will come together.  Have close at hand two rags, one wet and one dry. 



How to assemble a floater FrameJoining

Place a small dot of wood glue on each miter face and spread it thinly and evenly over the miter.  Do this in succession at each joint.  Then press the four corners together. 


How_to_Assemble_a_Floater_Frame_3Bring the corner brackets against the corners of the frame.  




How_to_Assemble_a_Floater_Frame_4Tighten the band clamp by pulling the band through the housing. 




How_to_Assemble_a_Floater_Frame_5Continue tightening the band clamp around the frame.  As the clamp tightens some glue may squeeze out at the joint.  Wipe it away with a wet rag, followed by a dry rag.  The glue is water soluble and will clean up easily with water.


Wait for the glue to dry (60 min) before loading the frame.



Mounting Art in the Frame
The art is secured in the frame by screwing or nailing through the bottom of the frame and into the bottom of the art. 

To see a step-by-step pictorial showing how to mount art in a floater frame.

To see a step-by-step pictorial on how to measure for floater frames.