How to Use the Framing4Yourself Elite Joiner

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step 1

Insert a beam rod into one of the metal sleeves in the deck.

step 2

Insert the flat head screw into the washer.

step 3

Use the allen key to assemble the flat head screw and washer through the deck...

step 4

...and into the bottom of the rod.

step 5

Fit the holes in the beam onto the beam rods

step 6

Slide the beam down on the rods and tighten the knobs to fix it in place.

step 7

Assemble the metal brackets that come with the band clamp around each corner of the frame.  Open a loop in the band clamp by pushing on the release lever and then ...

step 8

... surround the frame with the loop, push on the release lever, and pull the band clamp taut around the frame.

step 9

To increase the tension on the band clamp tighten the 6-sided bolt on clamp housing using the wrench included.

step 10

Visually locate the cutting edge on the V-Nail.  The cutting edge is the beveled edge and may be white or red from a coating of dried silicon lubricant.  Load the V-Nail cutting edge down onto the metal nose extending from the black cylinder beneath the beam.

step 11

The metal nose beneath the black cylinder is magnetic and will hold the V-Nail.  Wrap the V-Nail around the metal nose.

step 12

Arrange the frame strapped in its clamp under the beam with the face of the frame down.  Align the frame face down beneath the V-Nail so when you lower the lever it will drive the V-nail onto the seam with the wings on either side of the seam.

step 13

Press down on the lever to drive the V-Nail flush with the surface of the wood.

step 14

Helpful Tip: The brackets that come with the band clamp should be assembled around each corner and the band tightened.

step 15

Helpful Tip:  The levelers are designed to provide support for the long legs of the frame that extend beyond the deck.  They can be adjusted for height simply by spinning them.

step 16

Helpful tip: The black plastic support triangle can be placed over the face of the frame before laying it down to drive the nail. The support triangle is designed to keep the frame from rocking when the face of the frame has a lot of contour.

step 17

Drive nails into each of the four corners.  On frames more than 1-3/4" wide drive two nails in each corner for added strength.  When you are finished you will have a strong, sturdy, professionally joined picture frame.